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8 díCongjiang/Zhaoxing/Sanjiang



Period: March, April ,May, June, July, August, September, October, November

Tour 03 Trekking along the Great Walls

Dia01 : Beijing 

Dia02:  Trekking in Ba daling Great wall .

Dia03 : Trekking in Mu tian yu Great wall

Dia04 : Beijing/Chengde by bus  

Dia05 : Visits

Dia06 : Trekking in Jin shan ling.

Dia07 : Trekking in Huangyaguan.

Dia08 : Visits Tombe imperiale Qing  ( 1644 - 1911)

Dia09 : Panjaikou  Great Wall Trekking.

Dia10 : Juimenkou trekking.

Day11 :Jaishan to Dragon Head trekking.

Dia12 : Return to Beijing - sightseeing in Beijing. 

Day13 :Visits in Beijing .

Day14 :Transfer to Beijing Airport.



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