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Christmas 2004
Visit China by train

Offers for all the Year 
China World Cultural Heritage Tour
Silk Road with Beijing Jeep(4x4)
Trekking in  China
Backpacking Tours in China
Booking Hotels in 27 Chinese Cities
Traditional program for Honeymoon
Traditional Chinese Medicine Exchange
Chinese Cooking exchange
Presentation of the hotels in your disposition in China
Visit China by Bike
Summer Vacation in Shaolin and Dengfeng(Shaolin Wushu and Taiji chuan)
Translation Services
The restaurants in our programma
The 8th China  Inter'le Shaolin wushu Festival 20- 24, Sept, 2004,
Shaolin Wushu training course in Shaolin Area, China 
Wudang Wushu training and Wudang Wushu Festival
Presentation of the hotels in your disposition in China
Wing chun Kungfu and Lion Dance Training in Canton, China
Change Money 
Exhibition Schedule 2004
Yangtze River Cruise schedule

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