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AL-Tour A

01day  Arrive in Beijing              Hotel Guangxi

02day  Visits                      Peking Duck dinner

03day  Visits                                Peking Opera

04day  Beijing/Hangzhou      by flight

05day  Visits

06day  Hangzhou/Suzhou  by bus                     

                                          Night Garden Show

07day  Suzhou/Shanghai             by bus

08day  Visits                            Acrobatic Show

09day  Shanghai/Guilin  flight Cormorano Show

10day  Visits      Guilin/Chengdu  by flight

11day  Chengdu/E meishang        by bus

12day  Visits

13day  E Meishan/Leshan/Chengdu/Xian  by 

           flight                     Tang Dynasty Show 

14day  Visits        Xian/Beijing       by flight

15day  Exit from Beijing

  AL-Tour B


01day  Arrive in Beijing          Hotel Guangxi****

02day  Visits                             Peking Duck dinner

03day  Visits                                       Peking Opera

04day  Beijing/Xian        flight     Hotel Royal**** 

05day  Xian                               Tang Dynasty Show

06day  Xian/Hangzhou   flight       Hotel H.inn

07day  Visits

08day  Hangzhou/Suzhou   train     Hotel Aster****

                                                 Night Garden Show

09day  Suzhou/Shanghai    train      Hotel H.inn****

10day  Visits                                    Acrobatic Show

11day  Shanghai/Guilin       flight      Hotel Plaza

12day  Visits                                Cormorano Show

13day  Exit from Guilin




Excursion recommended in Mongol for NADAM/2004

01day  Beijing/Hohhot    flight   Hotel  Zhaojun or the same category

02day  Hohhot/Gegentara Steppe    bus      Tent

03day  Watch the  sunrise  Steppe/Hohhot   by bus 

04day  Hohhot/Beijing    Flight


AL-Tour 01  Hello China 

01day  Arrive in Canton from Hongkong      HTL Landmark****

02day  Canton/Guilin  by   flight   HTL  Plaza****


03day  Guilin/Shanghai     flight     HTL H.inn****

04day  Shanghai

05day  Shanghai/Suzhou    bus   HTL Aster****

06day  Suzhou/Hangzhou     train   HTL H.inn

07day  Hangzhou

08day  Hangzhou/Xian     flight      HTL Nikko****

09day  Xian/Beijing       flight     HTL Guangxi****

10-11   Beijing

12day  Exit from Beijing


AL-Tour 03     Traditional China A


01day  Arrive in Beijing    Hotel  Guangxi 

02-03   Visit in Beijing

04day  Beijing/Xian      by air    Hotel Nikko Royal  

05day  Xian

06day  Xian/Shanghai     by air    Hotel  H.inn 

07day  Shanghai/Suzhou   by train Hotel  Aster 

08day  Suzhou

09day  Suzhou/Hangzhou    by train   Hotel  H.inn

10day  Hangzhou

11day  Hangzhou/Guilin      by flight    Hotel Plaza 

12day  Guilin 

13day  Guilin/Hongkong       by  air


AL-Tour 05   Follow the footmark of Marco Polo


01day  Arrive  in    Beijing    HTL Guangxii**** o simile.  Buffet- dinner 

02day  Beijing/Xian  by air  HTL Royal****

03day  Xian/Dunhuang      by air   HTL Dunhuang

04day  Visit in Dunhuang

05day  Dunhuang/Turfan     by night train 

06day  Visit in Dunhuang   HTL Tulufan*** 

07day  Dunhuang/Urumuqi         by bus , After lunch  Urumuqi/Kashgar      by air .  HTL Seman.



08day  Visit in kashgar

09day  Excursion for Lac Karakuli by bus, Kashgar/ Urumuqi    by air    HTL H.inn 

10day  Urumuqi/Beijing   by air    HTL Guangxi ****  Buffet  dinner in hotel

11day  Departure and exit 

AL-Tour 07  Touch the Heaven


01day  Arrive in Beijing       trasfert to Hotel  Guangxi**** 

02-03  visits

04day  Beijing/Xian     flight     Hotel  Royal

05day  Visit: in Xi'an

06day  Xian/Lhasa    flight   Hotel Lhasa  

07day  Visit Potala temple

08day  Lhasa/Xigaste   bus  Hotel  Xigaste*** 

09day  Xigaste/ Gyantse  bus  Hotel  Gyanste*** 

10day  Gyantse/lhasa/Chengdu     bus +flight

Hotel  Minshan**** 

11day  Chengdu     

12day  Chengdu/Guilin    flight   Hotel Plaza

13day  Li river Criuse

14day  Visit:   Guilin/Hongkong      flight


AL-Tour09 Beijing/Xian/Shanghai/Guilin


01day  Arrive in Beijing    Hotel  Guangxi 

02-03   Visit in Beijing

04day  Beijing/Xian     by air   Hotel Nikko Royal 

05day  Xian

06day  Xian/Shanghai     by air    Hotel  H.inn  

07day  Shanghai                        

08day  Shanghai/Guilin  by air  Hotel Guilin plaza 

09day  Guilin   

10day  Guilin/Hongkong       by  air


AL-Tour 02 The wonderful China

01day  Arrive  in  Beijing    HTL Guangxi**** 

02-03   Beijing

04day  Pek/Xian     flight     HTL Nikko**** 

05day  Xian

06day  Xian/Guilin  by   flight   HTL  Guilin Plaza**** 

07day  Guilin

08day  Guilin/Hangzhou     flight    HTL H.inn**** 

09day  Hangzhou/Shanghai    train   HTL  H.inn****

10day  Shanghai

11day  Shanghai/Nanjing     train    HTL Xuanwu**** 

12day  Nanjing

13day  Nanjing/Pek       volo      HTL Guangxi**** 

14day  Exit





AL-Tour 04   Traditional  China B


01day  Arrive  in Beijing        HTL Guangxi****.

02-03  Beijing     

04day  Beijing/Xian       by air    HTL Nikko Royal 

05day  Xian

06day  Xian/Guilin     by air     HTL  Guilin Plaza****. 

07day  Guilin

08day  Guilin/Shanghai      by air    HTL H.inn **** 

09day  Shanghai/Suzhou     by train   HTL  Aster

10day  Suzhou

11day   Suzhou/Shanghai/Beijing     train + air    

12day  Exit


AL-Tour 06   Classic China


01day  Arrive  in  Beijing    HTL Guangxi**** . 

02day  Visit in  Beijing  

03day   Beijing /Zhengzhou   by night train  .

04day  Visit  in  Zhenghzou.  Afternoon, excursion by bus for Kaifeng,    HTL Red Coral o simile

05day  Zhenzhou/ Louyang     by bus   HTL Louyang grande****

06day  Louyang/Xian   by night train  .

07day  Visit in Xian                Hotel Royal****

08day  Xian/Shanghai    by air   HTL  H.inn plaza****

09day  Visit in Shanghai

10day  Shanghai/Nancchino      by train   HTL Xuanwu

11day  Nancchino/Pek       by train      HTL Guangxi 

12day  Departure 




AL-Tour 08    Five antique capitals 


01day  Arrive in Beijing   HTL Guangxii**** 

02day  Visit in Beijing

03day  Visit in Beijing  departure to Zhengzhou by night train 

04day  Arrive in Zhengzhou   Hotel Red Coral 

05day  Zhengzhou/Louyang  by  bus  visit: Shaolin temple   HTL Louyang grande****

06day  Visit in Louyang    Departure to Xian  by night train

07day  Arrive in  Xian. Hotel Nikko royal

08day  Xian/Beijing     by air   Hotel  Guangxi 

09day  Exit from Beijing    


Monuments to visit:  


Beijing:     Tian anmen square, forbidden city, temple of heaven, summer palace, great wall, Ming tombs,  sacred Road, Liu lichang

Xian     Terra-cotta, huaqing park, big wild goose pagoda, city  wall, bronza chariots museum

Guilin    Reed flute cave, elephant trunk hill, Li river cruise with lunch on boat

Shanghai city tour,Yu yuan garden, temple of jade buddha,  waterfront of Huangpu river

Suzhou   Tiger hill garden, Liu yuan garden, the garden of the  lion forest, the silk factory

Hangzhou  Board ride on the west laker, the ling ying temple, temple of the six harmonies,  factory of tea

The above price include:    Hotel as listed with ABF in Hotel, daily chinese lunch and dinner in chinese restaurant, all tour and visit as listed,  english speaking guide, economic domestics flights and trains in first class, transfers , one free for every 15 full paying persons.

Not include: international airfare, airport tax in China, tips, extra for the personal fee



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