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Trekking in Lugu Area, Yun nan

Trekking to White Water Terrace

Trekking Tour in Miao and Dong minorities area

  Trekking along the Great Walls

Trekking and Horseback to Kanas Original Forest

Rafting Down The Upper Reach Of Yangtze

Takla Makan Trekking

Trekking along the Yangtze Three Gorges

Trekking to the Source of the Yellow River

Trekking Tour Around Anyemaqen Mountain

Trekking Tour Yunnan-Tibet       



TRK-Tour 01 A Trekking in Lugu Area, Yun nan


Day01 Arrive in Shanghai        Transfer to  Four star Hotel

Day02  Tradtiaional visits in Shanghai          

Day03  Fly to Lijiang    by flight         Three star hotel

Day04 Trek to He taoyuan       In the morning, we drive two houres to Qiatou(means Bridge End in Chinese). After crossing the Yangtze River,we trek for approximately six to seven hours to the village of Beidiwang. We have magnificent scenery of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. To see the Yangtze river surges eastward in billowing waves, we trek along the local path to He Taoyuan - Naxi village.Overnight  Fo's inn and all meals.

Day05 Trek to Daju       Not far from the Lower Section of gorge while at the other side of river, Daju seems so close to us ,as it is said there is only 60 m wide in the narrowest section of the river. We descent to ferry and trek to Daju, whose inhabitants are mostly Naxi.Overnight Fu's Inn and all meals.

Day06 Drive to Baoshan          In the morning we drive for three or four hours to Guole and lunch there.  Then 

we continue trekking through remote landscapes where the timeless way of life could be a scene taken from a long gone century. Those locals are poor,but the setting is magnificent. We trek to Baoshan for five hours as we descent from 2300m to 1935m, and then ascend to the village location. Baoshan is small adobe village perched on a giant rock in a deep vellay. All around are the sweeping curves of green and yellow teraces that gracefully spill down to the side of the hill, often planted with rice at different stages of its cycle. In the afternoon we spend time exploring the village and surrouding area.Overnight Mu's house and all meals.

Day07 Trek to Liuqing        Leaving Baoshan behind us, we continue to trek for approximatly five to six hours to Liuqing,a small Naxi village. The beautiful Crown Gorge containing the Yangtze River now looks much thinner and more quiet. It's exciting to walk through two tunnals with bending down. Instead of overing two stiff rock mountains, the tunnals was manually dug long years before. We walk into and move one step that bring us more close to the light.We find the blue sky much lovely after coming out from the tunnals, then we will pass the through tranquil forest to Liuqing. Overnight Ho's house and all meals.

Day08 Trek to Fengke       Today we trek for approximately six to seven hours to Fengke,a ethnical moso village. The Yangtze River lies at the foot of mountains. The village is scattered along the route. We will meet friendly and smilling villagers. Crossing wooden irragation canals and terraced fields, we reach Fengke, the last Naxi village in our trek. There we accrossed the Yangtze River by boat again, and continue to walk toward Fengke, a nice Moso village.   overnight Ya's house and all meals.

Day09 Trek to Gewa        Today we trek for approximately five or six hours, passing through beautiful Moso village, sometimes we jamed in a short time while local farmers drive off cattles. In the forest full of pine and oak trees,sometimes we heard the sounds of horse bell and horseman's before they come in sight. We will reach the Moso village-- Gewa. Overnight  guest house and all meals.

Day10 Trek to Yongning Yakou via  zhuangzi         Today we trek for approximately six hours.  We will have lunch in a Moso's famille.  Then we should pass the Mountain (3600m) covered with the primitive forest.  Tonight we should sleep in tent  and  all meals

Day11 Trek to Lugu Lake  Leaving Yakou behind us, we continue to trek for approximately five to six to the Lugu Lake. Through the tranquil scenery and memorable views, we trek to Yoning and rejoin our bus, driving one hourse to the Lugu Lake. Overnight hotel and all meals. 

Day12 Explore in Lugu Lake    Our final day is free to personal exploring around Lugu Lake. You can have a horse ride by the lake, boat to a samll island in the lake or climbing some hill to have a splendid view of Lugu. Overnight hotel and breakfast with dinner.

Day13 Drive to Lijiang        We drive for seven hours to Lijiang. Acrossing the Yangtze River ,the photo opportunity en route.Arriviling at Lijang the town seems rather large after the isolated of the mountains and villages of our extraordinary trek.  Overnight hotel and all meals  

Day14 Fly to Kunming          trasfer to Hotel     traditional visits        Hotel

Day15 Fly to Beijing                              Hotel

Day16-17 Traditional visits in Beijing

Day18 Exit from  Beijing


TRK-Tour 1 B  Trekking to White Water Terrace

Day 01  Arrive In Beijing       Hotel

Day 02- 03  Visite

Day 04  Beijing/Kunming     By Air
            Arrive In Kunming , Meet On Arrival And Drive Around The City Tour . Welcoming Dinner With Yunnan

            Local Flavors “ Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles ‘ While Enjoying Minority Show .   Hotel
Day 05  Kunming-Dali By Morning Air

            Visit The Three Pagodas Of Chongshen Monastery , Bai Fishing Village And Their Traditional

            Architecture Courtyard House At Xizhou Towm , Enjoy Three Flavors Of Tea With Bai’S Performances ,

            The Temple Of Goddess Of Mercy , Dali Ancient City . Meals With Bai’S Fried Cheese . Hotel
Day 06  Dali-Lijiang  200km By Bus

            Sightseeing Lijiang Old Town, Visit Naxi Village , Baisha Murals , Admiring The “Ten

            Thousand-Blossom- Camellia Tree “ . By Cable Car , Then On Foot Or Horse To The Dragon Spruce

            Meadow , Sightseeing The Black Dragon Pool. Evening Enjoy The Naxi Classical Musical Show. Hotel
Day 07  Lijiang-Baisha By Bus 11km -Wenhai Trekking 20km , 5hrs Yi Village , Grassland , Highland . Overnight

            in guest house with Public Shower & Toilet
Day 08  Wenhai-Qiaotou Trekking 28 Km , 8 Hrs

            Valley View Of The Golden Sand River & Village . Stay At Guest House - Standard Room With Hot

            Shower .  
Day 09  Qiaotou-Upper Tiger Leaping Gorge By Bus 8km, Then To Walnut Grove Trekking 17km, 5hrs

            Upper &Middle Tiger Leaping Gorges .   Stay At Wood’S House /Public Shower & Toilet .
Day 10  Walnut Grove-Haba Trekking 25km , 7hrs

             View Of The Lower Tiger Leaping Gorge , Haba Snow Mt. & Forest / Overnight In Tents .
Day 11   Haba-White Water Terrace Trekking 20km , 5hrs   

             Ntural Formation Of The Amazing White Water Terrace , Know As The Cradle Of Naxi Minority People .

Day 12   White Water Terrace Trekking 25km , 6hrs

             Mt., Wild Plants Tents
Day 13   Dongba-Luoji Trekking 35km ,7hrs/Tibetan & Yi Villages . Hostel /Public Shower & Toilet .
Day 14   Luoji-Zhongdian By Bus 80km

             Gedang Potala Palace                                                Hotel
Day 15   Zhongdian-Kunming By Air

             Visit The  Int’L Horticultural Expo /Permanent Indoor & Outdoor Gardens .  Hotel
Day 16   Kunming /Shanghai        by Air            Hotel

Day 17   Visite a Shanghai       

Day 18   Exit


Remarks : provide tents , trekking guide & help men for carrying baggages , cooking .
Period: March, April ,May, June, July, August, September, October, November


TRK-Tour 02 Trekking Tour in the southeast of Guizhou Province In Miao and Dong Area

Itinerary: 18Days - trekking in Miao and Dong Area.


Period: March, April ,May, June, July, August, September, October, November

Tour 04  Takla Makan Trekking 

The Takla Makan Desert constitutes one of the largest moving bodies of sand in the world. Stretching west from the ancient Silk Road trading center of Kashgar to the mysterious desert of Lop in the East, it's dunes conceal the ruins of numerous ancient civilizations. Therefore, despite the popular rendering of "Takla Makan" into English as "you go in, you don't come out," it's literal meaning in Turkic is "covered or locked house" or "buried city."  

01day  Arrive in Beijing ,transfer to Hotel  visits: Heaven Temple  and Imperial city

02day  Visits: 

03day  Beijing/Urumuqi by flight           transfer to Hotel

04day  Urumuqi/Hetian     by flight     transfer to Hotel  

05day  Hetian    Visits  

06day  Hotian/Yutian       by  jeep    transfer to Hotel 

07-08   Yutian /Daheyan by jeep    sleep in tent 

09-15   Daheyan/Mazatag     trekking in desert with camel (for taking the necessary materials during the trekking). 

           sleep in tent 

16day  Mazatag/campo    by Jeep     sleep in tent  

17day  Campo/Aksu by jeep           transfer to Hotel 

18day  Aksu/ Kurla   by jeep          transfer to Hotel 

19day  Kurla/Turfan    by Jeep        transfer to Hotel     

20day  Turfan/Urumuqi     by  jeep     transfer to Hotel 

21day  Urumuqi/Beijing by flight     transfer to Hotel   free visits

22day  Exit 

P.s the best season for the trekking nel deserto : end of  September, October .  then April- May- June

TRK-Tour 05 Trekking along the Yangtze Three Gorges

01day  Arrive in Shaghai        Hotel H.inn or Shaghai Hotel ****

02day  visits in Shaghai

03day  Shaghai/Chong qing by flight , City Tour. Embark Yangtze Ferry Liner in evening, sets sail at 20:00. First Class Cabins with meals, shore-excursions.

04day  Shore Excursions at Feng du (Ghost Town), Zhangfei Temple. Arrive Fengjie in the evening. Kui zhou

           HTL (2 Star).

05day  Bus crosses the Yangtze & heads to Liang he kou (1 Hr.) Trekking to Gao qiaozheng (12.5 miles/4

           hrs).  Old Paper-making Mill, Water Wheel. Bus to Heaven Pit and Earth Crack. HTL at Xinlong (2 Star).

06day  Bus back to Fengjie. Trekking the Qutang Gorge (20 miles/6 hrs). Hongdu HTL (2 Star).

07day  Small Ferry to Hengshi, Trekking to Pei shi (20 mile/7 hrs through the Wu Gorge). Boat to Badong. HTL

           at New Town.

08day  Boat to the Xiling Gorge, Trekking to Sandouping. Three Gorge Project construction site. Bus to

           Yichang. Int'l Hotel (4 Star).

09day  Dept Yichang /Beijing  by train

10day  Arrive in Beijing in the morning                 Hotel Guangxi or Grand View**** 

11-12day  Visits in Beijing

13day  Departure 

Before the road/rail transportation linking with the outside world to the hinterland Sichuan Basin rounded by mountains and high plateaus became possible by the 1950s, the valley with rapid currents was one of the very few ways for people to get in and out from Sichuan. Old Chinese idiom said: If you want to travel in Sichuan, it's even harder than going to the heaven.  In order to help the Yangtze navigation (by wooden junks) up the rapids, plank roads, or tow-paths, were cut-in sheer cliffs on one or both sides of the Yangtze form Qin Dynasty (1888 AD). They were built for men pulling up the boats against with bamboo ropes. During the II World War , when the KMT Government moved into Chong qing now  from Nan jing and Wuhan, factories, schools, refugees came along the planks up to Chongqing or other places in Sichuan.  After the Yangtze navigation powered by diesel, the planks were much less used. Only the telephone wires inspections or herdsmen came along the bush-growing road occasionally. Trekkingrs found these planks as the enjoyable way to experience the Yangtze Gorges, differs from any other means of transport.


TRK-Tour 06 Trekking to the Source of the Yellow River


The Yellow River takes its south source - Kariquat the foot of Gezigeya Peak and north source - Naqu at the foot of Yaladaze Peak. The two peaks are in the northern side of the Bayankala Mountain. The two source - areas are about 4600 m and 4800 m above sea level.

Day01 Arr. Beijing, acc. in hotel

Day02 Fly to Lanzhou or Xining, Qinghai Hotel

Day03 Drive 240 km to Gonghe, Visit Koko Nor Lake on the way, acc. in Gonghe Hostel

Day04 Drive 360 km to Madoi, acc. in Madoi Hotel

Day05-06 Drive 208 km to Madoi town, enjoy the scene of Xinsuhai. Camping

Day07-09 Trekking 70 km to the source, while yaks are loaded. Camping

Day10 Expedition, camping

Day12-14 Trekking 70 km to Madoi Town, camping

Day15-16 Drive 208 km to Maduo, hostel

Day17 Drive 500 km to Ta'er Lamasery,  Hotel

Day18 Drive 30 km to Xining, visit the lamasery in the morning, acc. in Qinghai Hotel

Day19 Fly from Xining to Beijing,  in the hotel

Day20 Beijing. Departure. 

Best time: May - June, September - October

TRK-Tour 07 Trekking Tour Around Anyemaqen Mountain     


Day01    Beijing entry.
Day02-3 Traditionals visits in Beijing
Day04    Beijing to Xining by air.
Day05    Xining-Kumbum monstery-Koko Nor.
Day06  Koko Nor—Huashixia
Tsogyenrawathe drive is longbut the road

suface is excellentand there anr dramatic views of the Amdo grassland.308km Huans
Day07    Tsgyenrawa—Grri Gonpa. A rough side road side leads from Tsgyenrawa for 45km to Tawa zholma, where we prepare the pack animal and horse for our trek around the sacred mountain range of Anyemaqen. Then, fording the Qushian River, a horse trail leads for five kilometers the Niying monstery of Guri Gonpa, where the rituals associated with King Gesar and other protector deities of Anyemaqen are maintained(50km camping).
Day08-14 The circuit of Mt. Anyemaqen.  Trekking   

The northern section
 The trail climbs steadily from the monastery following the Niwagu River upstream. A large latse bedecked with mantra-engraved stones and colourful prayer-flags is passed before the low pass of Drado Wangchuk La. Atrail of syepper gradient then ascends the high Drakdo Latse Chogon pass(4,328m), close to the glaciers. The walk from the monastery to this pass takes 8 hours. A ridge above the pass leads towards the glaciers and the icy Tso Karpo (white lake), otherwise known as Drodu Nyaka(4,600m). Slightly below the pass, on the south side, there is a field of protuberant glaciers, known as Rigar Tongjung. Golok camper groups are to be found in this vicinity in summertime. The view of the main peaks of the range is genuinely impressive from this vantage point. The highest of the 14 peak forming the range are Dradul Lungshok(6,154m), the northernmost peak, which lies close to the trail across the Rigar Tongjung glacier field. The next peak is the dome shaped Mt. Amnye Machen itself(6,282m), followed by the pyramid—shaped Mt. Chenrezig(6,127m), down the valley, towards Chuwarna. Descending from the pass through the Zhideka valley, after three hours, the side valley of the Yekhok-chu joins the circuit from the north. The trail then descends through flower-carpeted grassland to the junction of the Halong-chu valley, which leads north-west towards the Amnye Machen Base Camp(4,600m). Gazell can be seen in three parts, and there is a sky burial terrace. Deep within the Halong—chu valley near the rock of Phawang Serka and Phawang Hekar, there is the Terdak Phawang Drubzhi rock, containing the treasures of King Gesar, the warrior king Tibetan epic poetry, who is said to have hidden his sword here, piedging one day to retreve it. Eaven closer to the mountain are teh SerTso(golden lake) and Ngon Tso(blue lake).

The eastern section
    From the Halong—chu valley junction the Chorten Karpo at Chuwarna(Ch Xueshan) village it is an easy six hour terk. Here, the Yonkhok—chu(ChQiemuqu) flows from the south—weast to jion the Tekhok-chu thereby forming the Tshab—chu which flows east into the Yellow River. At Chuwarna(Ch Xueshan) village there are small shop and a motorable track. Adjacent to the Chorten Karpo os a large wall, known as Gonying Mani Lhartse, inscribed with the mantra of the meditational deity Vajrakila. Traditionally, this is the starting point of the circuit for many pilgrims. Follow the mortor road for 4 hours from Chorten Karpo, passing several nomad houses set among sparse juniper woods in the hills around. At Tselnak Chamdo, a motor road leaves the circuit, and cuts south—esat for 116km to Tawo(Machen), the capital of the Golok region. Prayer—flags and stone cairns bedeck the trail and the trees anlong this section of trail.

The southern section
 Continuing on to the south—west sector of the pilgrims circuit, the trail passes the entrance to the Halong Langri—chu valley, which leads north towards the Base Camp, and then gradually ascends the Yonkhok—chu valley, to enentually reach the Tamchok  Gongkha la pass after some 7 hours. Tour broad saddle of the stretches for a further ten Kilometres(3 hours). In summer this area is a carpet of wild flowers set against the imposing snow peaks and many nomads establish camps here. After the saddle one comes to a curious rock formation in the middle of the valley called Mowatowa, which houses several meditation caves, including that of the great Nyingmapa meditation master Zhabkar Tsokdruk Rangdrol(1781-1851). The variegated cliffs of Goku Chenmo are said to mark the entrance to the palace of the protector, Machen Pomra. Some 4 hour later, the trail reaches the Dolma Gur-chu spring, which demarcates the final part of the circuit Rather than follow the Qushian River, the path heads over a sper, where Ling Gesar tied his horse, and then descends back down to Guri Gonpa, about 5 hours away. Fond the river to reach Tawo Zholma at the end of the trek [camping]

Day15 Tawo Zholma—Tongde   Return to Tsogyenrawa Gerge, you retrace National Highway 214 to Tongde.  Tongde Guesthouse.
Day16 Tongde—Xining.  Today you will drive 298km to Xining.
Day17 Xining-Beijing     by air              transfer to Hotel

Day18 Exitr from Beijing.

Best time: July, august , september


TRK-Tour 08   Trekking and Horseback to Hanas Original Forest


    While making an expedition by way of the Kanas, Yeluchucai, an army super visor during the reign of Genghis Khan in the Yuan dynasty was deeply touched by such a splendid view ,chanting: "Not until one comes upon such a wonderful sight in the western region, Can one begin to believe how ill-informed the eastern lords are.Round ponds and square pools number three hundred and nineteen." Wholly calm are clear and limpid spring waters. After then, no any outlanders come this area. Now you will trek to the area that there are "round ponds and square pools number three hundred and nineteen".


Day01   Arrive at Urumqi      Arrive in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, meet at airport and transfer to a 4 star hotel. 

Day02   Urumqi - Heavenly Lake - Gen Gobi   Sightseeing in the Heaven Lake, then drive to Gen Gobi of Kalamaili Nature Reserve. Camping.

Day03   Gen Gobi - Eerqis River    Drive from Gen Gobi to Eerqis River, en route sightseeing Black Aerolites Hill, Ancient Cliff Painting, Ancient Tomb, Five Colors Riverside. Camping.

Day04    Eerqis River - Tuwa Kampong     Drive from Eerqis River to Tuwa People Kampong, en route sightseeing Mirror Spring, Hujiliti Grassland, Frontier Denfence Sentry, Boundary River, Black Pine Forest. Camping.

Day05     Tuwa Kampong - Kanas Lake        Drive from Tuwa Kampong to Kanas Lake, then take a boat to the Monster Island. Camping.

Day06     Trekking, Blake Lake       Trek from Monster Island to Black Lake. Camping. (trek about 7 hours,

20 kilometers, the black color lake belong to "round ponds and square pools number three hundred and 


Day07     Trekking, Hemu Kampong       Trek from Black Lake to Hemu Kampong. Camping. (trek about 8 hours, 25 kilometers.)

Day08     Trekking, Jiadengyu       Trek from Hemu Kampong to Jiadengyu Village. Camping. (trek about 6 hours, 20 km.)

Day09     Jiadengyu - Aeolian Ghost City         Drive from Jiadengyu Village to Aeolian Ghost City, en route sightseeing Birch Forest, Crouching Dragon Bay, Moon Bay, Holy Spring, Gods'Bay, Wild Duck Lake, Name Gen Platform. Camping.

Day10     Aeolian Ghost City - Urumqi            Drive back to Urumqi, enjoy a city tour. Stay in the 4 star hotel.

Day11     Urumqi - Beijing         After a relaxed breakfast in your hotel, we will transfer you to the airport for your departure.

Day12      Beijing    After a hearty American style breakfast, leave Beijing by deluxe motor coach. Today you will climb the Great Wall, one of the world's fantastic architectural achievements. The tour continues to the renowned Sacred Way leading to the famous Ming Tombs. In the evening, return to Beijing for a special Peking Duck dinner party.

Day13       Beijing       This morning, explore the best of Beijing with a visit to Tian'anmen Square, the world's largest square, and the incomparable Forbidden City. After lunch, visit the spectacular and vast Summer Palace with an optional boat ride on Lake Kunming. Evening enjoy a memorable Peking Opera performance.

Day14       Departure from Beijing      Departure from Beijing.

TRK- Yunnan Rafting Trip ---- Rafting Down The Upper Reach Of Yangtze In Lijiang

         The Yangtze River come down from Tibet, toward southeast, but when it get to Stone Drum, a beautiful little town in Lijiang, it suddenly take a U turn, toward the northeast, thus formed the famous First Bend of Yangtze. In this rafting trip, you will raft for 3 days down the Yangtze to the Stone Drum. In this part of the river, the water speed is 2.4meters/second during flood time(May to Oct.), and 1.6meters/second during dry season (Nov. to Apr.). The width of the river is over 100 meters, the narrow part is 45 meters.


Day01  Arrive at Beijing   Arrive at Beijing and transfer to hotel.

Day02  Beijing   After a hearty American style breakfast, leave Beijing by deluxe motor coach. Today you will climb the Great Wall, one of the world's fantastic architectural achievements. The tour continues to the renowned Sacred Way leading to the famous Ming Tombs. In the evening, return to Beijing for a special Peking Duck dinner party.

Day03  Beijing  This morning, explore the best of Beijing with a visit to Tian'anmen Square, the world's largest square, and the incomparable Forbidden City. After lunch, visit the spectacular and vast Summer Palace with an optional boat ride on Lake Kunming. Evening enjoy a memorable Peking Opera performance.

Day04  Beijing – Kunming   In the morning, visit the Temple of Heaven, where dynastic Chinese rulers historically worshipped the Emperor of Heaven. After lunch, fly to Kunming. Arrive in Kunming, transfer to hotel.

Day05   Kunming - Lijiang     Take a morning flight to Lijiang, sightseeing in the old town which is a World Culture Heritage. Stay in Grand Hotel(3 star).

Day06   Lijiang – Qizong   Drive 6 hours to Qizong, a little town by the side of Yangtze, prepare for the rafting on the next day. Overnight in a local guesthouse.

Day07   Rafting   Rafting on the Yangtze down to Judian (37km), another little town. Stay in a local guesthouse.

Day08   Rafting    Rafting 45 km down to Zhonggezi, a little town. Stay at a local guesthouse.

Day09   Rafting    Rafting 39 km to Shigu(Stone Drum), a big town situated at the First Bend of Yangtze. End of rafting. Stay in a local guesthouse.

Day10  Shigu – Qiaotou  Drive 1 hour to Qiaotou, then trek 18 km through the Tiger-leaping Gorge to Daju. Stay in a local guesthouse.

Day11   Qiaotou – Lijiang  Drive half day to Lijiang, check into the Grand Hotel. Afternoon is open.

Day12   Lijiang – Kunming  Take a morning flight back to Kunming, sightseeing in the city.

Day13   Kunming – Beijing  Fly to Beijing, rest of the day free at leisure.

Day14   Beijing Departure    Transfer to Airport for homebound flight.  


TRK- Trekking tour Yunnan-Tibet


Day01 Arrival Kunming.    Sightseeing in Kunming in the afternoon.
Day02 Kunming to Li Jiang by flight 3Q4411 Dep.07-10-07:50.Sightseeing in Li Jiang at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Black 

Dragon Pool, the local town. Overnight in Li Jiang.
Day03 Zhongdian   Drive 200km to Zhongdian, the major important city in South West of Yunnan . Visit Tiger Jumping Valley on

the way to Zhongdian. A visiting to Songzanli Temple, this temple is also called Guihua Temple and named as the small

Potala Palace in Yunnan .Its folk and architecture there have been regarded as the world cultural relics. Stay in Zhongdian
Day04 Bita Lake, Baishui Mensa   Visit to Bita Lake (Green Tower Lake) and Beishui Mensa. Baishui Mesa, called holy farming 

land,it shows the land charaters of calcium carbonate and it's the mother land of Dongba& Lanxi Minority Nationaltiy culture. 

Overnight in Zhongdian.
Day05 Deichin     Drive 184km from Zhongdian to Deichin. Overnight in Deichin
Day06 Meili Snow Mountain   Trekking 30km to Meili Snow Mountain, looking around the beautiful holy mountain by riding 

horse, enjoy the wonders of Shangerila, overnight in the local people family.
Day07 Yanjin       Arrive Yanjin(Salt Well). Swim in the spring water nearby. 
Day08 Chugong   Drive 269km from Yanjin to Chugong.
Day09 Baoshu     Drive 201km to Baoshu.
Day10 Bomi        Drive 217km to Bomi, visit Ranwu Lake on the way and also you can take a distance view of the snow

mountain and some glacier on the way to Bomi. The landscape in Bomi region is regarded as the most wonderful part in east

Day11 Tongmei   Drive 89km to Tongmei. Tongmei is the motherland of Meiba Minority Nationality in east Tibet, you can have a

short time trekking and join the life of the local people, study their custom.
Day12 Nyinchi Arrival to Nyinchi, the major city in east of Tibet. On the way , you can enjoy the beauty of Mt.Namcharbawa, 

overnight in Nyinchi Hotel
Day13 Relax in Nyingchi.
Day14  Drive 8-10 hours at the distance of 406km to Lhasa.
Day15-16  Lhasa    Sightseeing at Potala Palace, Jorkhang Temple, Tsepung &Sera Monastery, Barkhore Street, Norbulingka,etc.
Day17 Exit from Lhasa.    


The best time for this route is: April, May, Sept, Oct every year. 
The road condition for this route is not good enough with high and big mountain. Tour operator must be aware of the difficulty on 

this route.   On this route, it's not being in good physical condition asked, and the accommodation, food is easy to arranged,

clients don't need to provide tent and food by themselves.


Tour A Pilgrimage in the country


01day Arrive in Beijing  Hotel  Guangxi 

02-03   Beijing



04day  Beijing/Hohhot  flight    Hotel  Zhaojun*** 

05day Hohhot/Steppe Xilumuri  Tent 

06day  Excursion in  Xiangsha wan  Hotel Tianjiao 

07day  Excursion around the tomb of Gengis Han

           bus   Hotel Tian wai tian 

08day  Visit in Wu Dan Zhao( Lamaism temple)  bus      Hotel  Zhao Jun

09day   Visit in Hohhot

10day   Hohhot/Beijing    flight     Hotel  Guangxi 

11day  Exit

Tour B   Adventure on the Silk


01day  Arrivo in Beijing     HTL Guangxi **** 

02day  Pek/Xian      flight   HTL Royal

03day  Xian/Dunhuang      flight      HTL Dunhuang*** 

04day  Visits in Dunhuang 




05day  Dunhuang/Turfan  by night trainN.69 in first

           class with 4  beds in a cabin

06day  Visits in Dunhuang   HTL Tulufan*** 

07day  Dunhuang/Urumuqi  bus . after lunch      

           Urumuqi/Kashgar  by flight .  HTL Seman***.  

08day Visits in kashgar

09day  One day for a excursion in Lac Karakuli,  Then

           Kashgar/Urumuqi by  flight  HTL H.inn**** 

10day  Urumuqi/Beijing    flight          HTL Guangxi in

           occidental dinner  in HTL

11day  Exit 

Tour C   Adventure in Tibet


01day  Arrive  in Beijing   HTL Guangxi****

02day  Beijing/Lhasa    flight   HTL Lhasa 

03day  Lhasa     



04day  Lhasa/Tsedang   bus   HTL Tsedang

05day  Tsedang

06day  Tsedang/Gyangtse  bus   HTL Gyangtse 

07day  Gyangtse/Xigatze    bus     HTL Xigatze 

08day  Xigatse

09day  Xigatse/Xegar   bus   HTL Zhufeng

10day  Xegar/Zhangmu      bus      HTL Zhangmu 

11day  Exit from  Zhangmu (end of services) for


Tour D  Adventure in  North-west of China

01day Arrive at  Beijing    Transite for Hohhot      

           HTL  Zhao jun****

02day  Hohhot

03day  Hohhot/Datong   train  HTL Yungan

04day  Datong

05day  Datong/Wutaishan   by  bus    HTL  You yi***

06day  Wutaishan   

07day  WutaiShan/Taiyuan     bus    HTL Sanxi grande*** o simile 

08day  Taiyuan                               

09day  Taiyuan/Pek    train   HTL Guangxi****

10day  Exit

Tour E  Adventure in Mongolia steppe in China


01day  Arrive at Beijing           HTL  Guangxi****

02day  Beijing                                 

03day  Beijing/Huhhot    flight    HTL Zhaojun*** 

04day  Huhhot/Steppe Gegentara     bus   welcome launch with the

           speciality of Mongolia  in Tenda

05day  Steppa Gegentara/Bultai with horse HTL Bultai**

06day  Bultai/Jilglanto   with horse       HTL Jilglanto**

07day  Jilglanto/Steppa Hongger  with horse   local hotel

08day  Steppa/Gegentara          Bus         Tenda

09day  Gegentara/Huhhot  Bus  HTL Zhaojun**** 

10day  Huhhot/Beijing      flight     HTL Guangxi**** 

11day  Beijing

12day  Exit



The above prices include: 

Hotel as listed with ABF in Hotel, daily Chinese lunch and dinner in Chinese restaurant, all tour and visit as listed,  English speaking guide, economic domestics flights and trains in first class, transfers, tourist assurance in China

Not include: International airfare, airport tax in China, tips, extra for the persenal fee

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