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Shaolin Viaggi (by Shaanxi CYTS)

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Summer Vacation in Shaolin -- Vacance d'Ete a Shaolin 

Vacanza d'Estate in Shaolin

P.s. 1> this summer vacation is organized for the group minimum 10 persons. When the member of the group arrive in ten persons ,the summer vacation begin. If the member can't arrive ten persons, you should wait for the next .

2 > We can organise two hours of Chinese Kungfu in the morning and two hours of Chinese lesson in the afternoon.

20 Days in China 


01day Arrive in Beijing Visits: Tian An men Square, Heaven Temple Three star Hotel

02day visits: Great Wall and Mind's Tomb, Sacred Road. 

03day Visits: Imperial city, Summer's Palace. After dinner departure by night train for


04day Arrive in Zhengzhou at 6:30, after chinese breakfast  departure for Shaolin by

          bus visits shaolin  temple and pagoda forest, transfer  to three star hotel 

05-14  4 hours training course daily with master 

15day After breakfast departure to Luoyang, Visits: White horse Temple, Longmen

          Caves, General Guanyu's  Temple, old city Hotel *** 

16day After breakfast , transfer to Railway station and departure for Xian. Arrive in

          18:00, dinner and   transfer to Hotel*** 

17day Visits in Xian: Terra-cotta, huaqing park, big wild goose pagoda, city wall,

          bronza chariots museum. 

18day Visits in City: provincial museum . In the afternoon transfer to Railway station

          and departure for Beiing  by night train 

19day Arrive in Beijing in the morning ,transfer to three star hotel , free visiting 

20day After the breakfast, transfert to airport . fin service. 


Our price includes: full package with three chinese food daily, two star hotel in Shaolin, three star hotel during the visits, four hours daily training with master, two trains in first class in China, transfers, visits with entrance fee, tourist assurance in China.

Not includes: international flight, tips, chinese airport tax, personal extra

20 Jours en Chine 


Jour 01 Arrivee a Beijing Visites: Place Tian anmen, temple du Ciel,  Hotel en trois


Jour 02 Arrive a Pekin le matin. Visites:Grandes Murailles, Tombe Ming, Voie sacree

Jour 03 Visites: Cite interdite, Palais d'Ete. Apres dinner transfert a la Station et

            depart pour Zhengzhou en  train de nuit

Jour 04 Arrivee a Zhengzhou aux 6:30, apres le petit dejeuner chinois, depart pour

            Shaolin en bus   Visite a Shaolin Hotel en trois etoiles  

05--14   4 heurs d'entrainement avec le maitre  

Jour 15 Apres le petit dejeuner, depart en bus pour Luoyang: visits: Temple du

            cheval Blanc, Grottes Longmen, Temple du General Guanyu, Citte.  hotel 

            en trois etoiles 

Jour 16 Apres le petit dejeuner , transfert a la Station et depart pour Xian en train;

            Arrivee a Xian aux 18:00.   Hotel en trois etoiles

Jour 17 Visits a Xian: Musee de Terra-cotta, Musee de Chariot de bronze, pagode

            de l'oie sauvage, Rampart de la ville .

Jour 18 Visits in Xian: Musee provinciale, dans l'apres-midi, transfert a la Station et

            depart en train de nuit pour Beijing. 

Jour 19 Arrive a Pekin le matin. Visites facultative

Jour 20 Apres le petit dejeuner transfert a l'Aeroport de Beijing et depart. Fin du


Il comprennent: pension complete avec trois repas chinois du jour, hotel en deux etoiles a Shaolin, hotel en trois etoiles durant les visites, 4 heures d''entrainement du jour avec le Maitre, deux trains de nuit en premiere classe, transferts. guide parlant frnacais, assurance touristique.

Ne comprennent pas:  vols internationals, taxe de l'aeroport, pourpoire, consumation personelle.

20 Giorni in Cina

01GG Arrivo a Pek Visita: Piazza Tian An men, tempio del Cielo,  Hotel in tre stelle

02GG Visita: grande muraglia , tombe Ming con via sacra

03GG Visita: Citta proibita, palazo d'estate. Dopo la cena, trasferimento alla stazione

          e partenza per Zhengzhou con treno notturno

04GG Arrivo a Zhengzhou alle 6:30, dopo la prima colazione cinese, trasferimento in

         Shaolin in bus , visite  hotel ***  

05-14  4 ore di allenamenti al giorno con maestro

15GG Dopo la prima coalzione, partenza per Luoyang. Visite Tempio del cavallo

          bianco, Grotte Longmen,Tempio del Generale Guanyu, Citta vecchia. Hotel ***

16GG Dopo la prima colazione in HTL, trasferimento alla Stazione e partenza per

          Xian    Hotel ***

17GG  Visite: Museo di terra-cotta, Museo di carro bronzo, mura di cinta, pagoda di

          oca piccola, mercato            libero.

18GG  Prima coalzione in Hotel, visita del Museop provinciale. Nel pomeriggio

          trasferimento alla Stazione e  partenza per Pek

19GG Arrivo a Pek, trasferimento in Hotel , visite facoltative

20GG Dop la prima colazione e trasferimento all'Aeroeporto e partenza.


La quotazione include: pensione completa con tre pasti in ristorante cinese, hotel in due stelle in Shaolin, Hotel in tre stelle durante le visite, 4 ore di allenamento giornaliere, due treni interni di prima classe, i trasferimenti, visite tradizionale con biglietti d'ingresso
Non include: voli internazionali, le tasse aereoportuali cinesi, le mance, e quanto di carattere personale. 

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