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Visit China by train 

TR-Tour 01- 15 days in China

(Beijing/Xian/Louyang/Shaolin/Shanghai Suzhou Nanjing/Beijing ) 

01day  Arrivo in Beijing  HTL  Guangxi ****

02day  Pek

03day  Pek

04day  Pek/Xian  night train(1200km)            HTL Nikko ****

05day  Xian

06day  Xian/Louyang   by train(550km)   HTL Louayang Grande ****






07day  Luoyang 

08day  Louyang/Shaolin(Degnfeng)  Tianzhong  Hotel ****

09day  Louyang/Shaolin/Nanjing bus  +night train(1000km)    HTL  Youhao **** 

10day  Nanjing  

11day  Nanjing/Suzhou by  train(85km) HTL   Aster ****

12day  Suzhou

13day  Suzhou/ Shanghai   by  train(220km)  HTL   H.inn****

14day  Shanghai

15day  Exit

 TR- Tour 02 -  15 Days in China

Day 1  Arrive in Beijing, meet and transfer to Hotel (4 star). Visit Temple of Heaven, Tian'anmen Square.

Day 2  Great wall and Ming-Tombs(Ding Tomb and the Sacred Way)

Day 3  Forbidden City and Summer Palace

Day 4  Train Beijing to Chengde in the morning. K711 (07:20/11:18) Soft Seat  Meet and transfer to Hotel (4 Star). Visit Imperial Mountain Resort.

Day 5  Puning Temple and Zongsheng Temple. Train to Beijing in the afternoon. Further to Pingyao by overnight train Train Chengde - Beijing K712 (14:48/18:38).   Train Beijing - Pingyao 2519(21:10)

Day 6  Arrive in Pingyao on 07:36. Meet and visit Pingyao Old Town, Old street and Temple. Accommodation: in small, clear hotel in Pingyao.

Day 7  One Day-Excursion to house complex of Family Wang. Train Pingyao to Xi'an  T2535(19:33/) (Soft Sleeper)

Day 8  Arrive in Xi'an on 06:56. Meet and transfer to Hotel (4 Star). Visit Terracotta Army.

Day 9  Visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the morning. Further Train to Luoyang K770(14:00/20:15) (Soft Seat). Meet and transfer to Hotel(3 Star).

Day 10  Visit Guanlin Temple, Longmen Caves. 

Day 11  Excursion in Shaolin Temple.   Train to Suzhou  K378(17:25/) (Soft Sleeper)

Day 12  Arrive in Suzhou on 07:08. Meet and transfer to Hotel (4 Star) Visit: Garden of Humble Administration, Lion Forest Garden, Silk factory.

Day 13  Train Suzhou to Shanghai in the morning. K805(08:02/09:19) Meet and transfer to Hotel (4 Star). Visit Bund and Nanjing St.

Day 14  Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple and old city

Day 15  Transfer to Airport and departure


TR-Tour 03 -  12 Days in China


01day   Arrivo in Beijing     HTL  **** 

02day   Pek

03day   Pek/Xian     night train    HTL Nikko ****

04day   Xian

05day   Xian/Guilin    flight   HTL  Plaza

06day   Guilin

07day   Guilin/Shanghai   volo   HTL  H.inn   

08day   Shanghai

09day   Shanghai/Suzhou  train    HTL Aster 

10day   Suzhou/Pek  night train HTL Guangxi

11day   Pek                                

12day   Exit




Our hotels 


Beijing: Guangxi Hotel /Baocheng Hotel ****

Xian: Nikko royal / Bell Tower Hotel ****

Luoyang: Peonia City Hotel ****

Chengde: Qianyang Hotel ****

Guilin: Guilin Plaza **** or the same category 

Hangzhou: Yuohao Hotel /H.inn****

Suzhou: Aster Hotel/ Suzhou Hotel****

Shanghai: Hengshan Hotel/Shanghai Hotel****


The above price include:  First category hotel as listed with ABF in Hotel, daily chinese lunch and dinner in chinese restaurant, all tour and visit as listed,  English speaking guide, economic domestics flights and trains in first class, transfers, tourist assurance.

Not include: international airfare, airport tax in China, tips, extra for the personal fee

Monuments to visit in our program:


Beijing: Tian anmen square, forbidden city, heaven temple, summer palace, great wall, Ming tombs,  sacred Road, Liu lichang

Canton: Liurong Temple, Chen's famille Temple, Qing ping Market

Chende: Imperial Mountain Resort, little potala, Puning temple

Chengdu: Wuhou Temple and Dufu Cottage

Dazu:      Grotto Art 

Dunhuang: Mogao Caves, museum, Moon Spring

E mei shan:  The wan nian temple, The qingying pavilion, the yixiantian( Emei mountain) 

Guilin:  Reed flute cave, elephant trunk hill, Li river cruise with lunch on boat

Hangzhou:  Board ride on the west laker, the ling ying temple, temple of the six harmonies,  factory of tea

Jiu Zai Valley: scene of the Minjiang River canyon, villages of the Tibet and Qiang  nationalities, Diexi Lake. 

Lanzhou:   Binling Temple, Provincial Museum, Five Spring Mountain, White Pagoda Mountain, Iron Bridge

Le shan:    The carved Buddhism state , Lingyun Temple, Xing gu Zhan dao

Luoyang:  Longmen caves, General Guanyu's temple, White horse Temple

Qufu:    Confucius Temple and confucius tomb

Shanghai: city tour,Yu yuan garden, temple of jade buddha,  waterfront of Huangpu river, Nanjing road

Shaolin: Shaolin Temple, pagoda forest.

Suzhou: Tiger hill garden, Liu yuan garden, the garden of the  lion forest, the old city gate of Suzhou, the silk factory

Taiyuan: Jin ci Temple, Shuang ta temple,  Temple taoism Chunyang,

Xian:  Terra-cotta, huaqing park, big wild goose pagoda, city  wall, bronza chariots museum

Zhengzhou:  Henan provincial Museum,  Yellow river 

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