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Backpacking Tours in China

Tour 01

Day 1   Join Beijing.                   

Day 2  Beijing

Day 3   Overnight train to Xi'an. 

4 - 5    Xian 

6 - 7     Overnight train to Jiayuguan. 

Day 8   Jiayuguan.       night train to Dunhuang

9 - 11   Dunhuang

12-14   Turfan   

15-16   Bus to Bosten Lake. 

Day17  Taklamakan Desert/Minfeng. 

18-19   Hotan. 

20- 21  Kashgar.                  

Day22  Ends Kashgar. 



simple accommodations and guesthouses;

Mode of Travel

Train in second class, public bus

* * * * * * * * * *  *


Tour 03

Day 1  Join Kunming. 

2 - 3    Mojiang. 

4 - 5     Simao / Xishuangbanna. 

6 - 7     Mekong River Rafting. 

Day08  Lijiang. 

9 -10    Lijiang - jade Dragon Snow Mountain. 

11-12   old Dali - Minority Markets. 

Day13  old Dali 

Day14  Kunming - Stone Forest. 

Day15  Depart Kunming. 


Accommodation :

 Comfortable hotels (2nts); traditional guesthouses (11nts). 

Mode of Travel: 

minibus/Local bus/Walking/Boat. 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  *

 Tour 05 The Silk Road Tour   (22 Day)

Day01  Arrive in Beijing by air 

Day02  Beijing (D)
Arrive Beijing, the capital of China, pick up at the airport and send to the hotel for a rest.

Day03   Beijing (B,L,D)
Visit the Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden city and Jing Shan Park and the Hutong Tour by foot, including a visit to family.

Day04   Beijing (B,L,D)
Full day excursion to the Great Wall, Chang Tomb and the Sacred Road.

Day05   Beijing (B,L,D )
Visit the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace.

Day06   Beijing ( Breakfast only )
Whole day for your own pleasure.

Day07   Beijing/Hohhot by train , hard sleeper (B,L,D)
This morning is for your own pleasure. Discover the big city Beijing by yourself.
Take the evening Train to Hohhot. K89(20:40-next day 07:20)

Day08   Hohhot ( B,L,D)
Arrive Hohhot, After breakfast, drive about 2.5 hour to the Xila Muren Grassland. Enjoy the Wresting and Horserace performance, Visit the normal family. See sunset. Enjoy the singing and dancing of the local people. Overnight in the Mongolia-Tent.

Day09   Hohhot/Baotou ( B,L,D)
After the Breakfast in Mongolia style, drive back to Hohhot. City tour in Hohhot with Zhao Jun Tomb, Da Zhao Temple, Wu Ta Temple. Overnight in Baotou


Baotou ( B,L,D)   Daily excursion to Xiang Sha Wan, (Sand Gorge of Yinken Desert.),

Day11   Baotou/Jiayuguan( B,L,D) by train, soft sleeper
Visit the Wu Dang Lamasery, the biggest temple of Inner Mogolia.,City tour in Bao Tou.
Take the train K43 ( next day 01:02-21:59) to Jiayuguan. Overnight on the train.

Day12  Jiayuguan ( no meal )
01:02-21:59 , Whole day on the train. Arrive Jiayuguan in the Evening. Transfer to your Hotel.

Day13   Jiayuguan (B,L,D)
Visit the Jiayuguan Pass, the western end of the Great Wall. The Great Wall Museum. Wei Jin Tomb. Overnight in Jiayuguan.

Day14   Jiayuguan / Dunhuang by bus (B,L,D)
Drive to Dunhuang. Enjoy the Crescent Moon Lake surrounded by Mingsha Sand Hill. At the foot of the hill you may want to take an optional tour of slow camel ride.

Day 15   Dunhuang/ Turpan by train soft sleeper (B,L,D)
Visit one of most famous archaelogical discovery at the beginning of the 20th century--the Mogao Grottoes. Take a evening train K889(19:32/05:53) to Turpan. Soft Sleeper

Day16   Turpan (B,L,D)
Explore Turpan, renowned in China for its grapes and Hami melons. Visit the Imin Mosque, the Astana Tombs, the ancient city sites of Gao Chang and Jiao He. Visit the grape valley, where you can enjoy numerous kinds of grapes. Enjoy "Sing and Dance of the minority nationality" in the evening.

Day17  Turpan /Urumqi (B,L,D)
You have enough time to discover the city, visit the famous Bezeklik thousand Buddha Grottos. After lunch, bus drive to Urumqi.

Day18    Urumqi (B,L,D)
Full day excursion of the Heaven Lake and southern Grass land.

Day19   Urmuqi/Shanghai (B,D) by air
Fly to Shanghai by flight,visit the Yuyuan Garden, the free market outside. Stroll along the waterfront "The Bund".

Day20    Shanghai (B,L,D)
Visit the Museum of Art and History, Jade Buddha Temple, Children's Palace, and France Rents the Boundary. Pu Dong Area
Acrobatic Show in the evening.

Day21    Shanghai (B)
Whole day for your own pleasure.

Day22   Shanghai /Home by air (B)
Transfer to airport, international flight back home.

B:Breakfast  L:Lunch  D:Dinner

Tour 02 


Day 1   Arrive in Beijing.  

Day 4   train 179 hard sleepers departure from Beijing at 22:38

Day 5   zhengzhou, 0638, public bus to kaifeng, dayongyuan hotel (3 star)

Day 7   public bus kaifeng/ shaolinsi, wushuguan hotel

Day10  public bus shaolinsi/ luoyang, tianying hotel (3 star)

Day11  train 201 luoyang/ xian, 1240/ 1800, city hotel

Day12  one day trip to terra-cottas

Day14  train 165 hard sleepers Deaprture from Xian by train T2219 

Day15  arr chengdayu 15: 45, traffic hotel

Day17  Chengdayu/ lhasa   by flight 

Day23  jeep lhasa/ gyangtsz, gyangtsz hotel (280 km, 8 hours)

Day24  jeep gyangtsz/ xigarse, shangzhuzhi hotel (90 km, 2hours)

Day25  jeep xigarse/ sakia, sakia hostel (no private bathroom), (150 km+60 km, 7 hours)

Day26  jeep sakia/ shegar, everest hotel (100 km, 4 hours)

Day27  jeep shegar/ everest base camp, rongbuk monastery, (110 km, 4 hours)

Day28  jeep everest base camp/ tingri, tingri hostel , (140 km, 5 hours)

Day29  jeep tingri/ zangmu, gangjian hotel (230 km, 7 hours)

Day30  Exit from zangmu        

* * * * * * * * * *  *

Tour 04  (25 Day in China )

Day01 Arrive in  Beijing

Day02  Beijing (D)
Arrive Beijing, the capital of China, pick up at the airport and send to the hotel for a rest.

Day03  Beijing (B,L,D)
Visit the Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City, Jing Shan Park and the Hutong Tour by foot, including a visit to family.

Day04  Beijing (B,L,D)
Full day excursion to the Great Wall, Chang Tomb and the Sacred Road.

Day05  Beijing/Luoyang by train , hard Sleeper (B,L)
Visit the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Place. Leave Beijing for Luoyang by overnight train (hard sleeper). T2101(17:47 - next day 7:20

Day06   Luoyang (B,L,D)
Arrive Luoyang, the center of Chinese Kong Fu, in the morning, transfer to Hotel, visit the Pagoda Forrest, Shaolin Temple and the Folk Art Museum.

Day07   Luoyang/ Xi'an by train, soft seat (B,D)
Half day tour of the Longmen Grottoes. Leave Luoyang by Train K761 (10:45-17:30) and arrive in Xi'an at 18:40, the ancient capital for 13 dynasties.

Day08 Xi'an (B,L,D)
Visit the eighth wonder of the world ----- Terro-Cotta Warriors, the Bronze Carriage and the Ban Po Village.

Day09   Xi'an/ Chengdu by train, hard Sleeper (B,L,D)
Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Ancient City Walls, the Stele Forrest and the Great Mosque. Leave Xi'an by Train K165 at 22:16.

Day10  Chengdu (L)
Arrive Chengdu at 14:00. picked up from the railway Station. Have you Lunch. This Afternoon is for your own pleasure.

Day11 Chengdu/Leshan by bus (B,L,D)
See the Panda Bear Center in the morning, then drive about 2 hours to Leshan. visit the Leshan Giant Buddha. Stay in Leshan.

Day12  Leshan/E'mei Shan/Panzhihua by bus& by train, hard Sleeper (B,L,D)
Via one-way cable car (up) visit the Wannian Temple, White Dragon Cave and the Qingyin Tower in the Emei Mountain, one of the four most famous Buddhist mountains in China. Visit the Emei Mountain Museum. Leave Emei Mt by overnight train to Panzhihua. K117
2106- next day 740

Day13     Panzhihua/Lijiang by bus (B,L,D)
Arrive Panzhihua at 07:40. After breakfast, take a bus driving to Lijiang, a city full of poetic and ancient atmosphere with its buildings and streets.

Day14   Lijiang (B,L,D)
Visit the Old Town of Lijiang, Black Dragon Pool, Longquan Village, Dragon Spruce Meadow and Yulong Snow Mountain with cable car

Day 15   Lijiang (B)
Free day for your own pleasure!

Day16   Lijiang /Zhongdian by bus (B.L,D)
Full day bus drive to Zhongdian, the legendary shangri-la in China, with a stop at the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the first gorge along the Yangtze river. Overnight in Zhongdian.

Day17   Zhongdian (B,L,D)
Visit the Songzanlin Monastery, the Blue Pagoda Lake and a local Tibetan family.

Day18 Zhongdian / Dali by bus (B,L,D)
Full day drive on the tour, bus to Dali, a relaxed place popular for its charming landscape, its mild climate and the hospitality of its people.

Day19 Dali/Kunming by train (or by bus) (B,L,D)
Take Erhai Lake cruise and tast the Three Courses of Tea. Visit the inhabitance of the Bai Nationality, the Xizhou Haus and the Ancient Town of Dali. Overnight train (Hard Sleeper) to Kunming.

Day20   Kunming (B,L,D)
Arrive Kunming, "City of Eternal Spring" in the morning , visit the Stone Forrest.

Day21  Kunming (B,L,D)
Visit the EXPO Garden and the provincial museum.

Day22   Kunming/Shanghai by air (B,L,D)
Western Berg und Dragon Tor. Leave Kunming by plane to Shangahi.

Day23    Shanghai (B,L,D)
Visit the Yuyuan Garden and the free market outside, stroll along the waterfront "The Bund". Visit the Museum of Art and History. Move on to check out the St. Ignatius Cathedral built in 1846. Wander around the former French Concession represented by the leafy Fuxing Park and the architecture in the area.

Day24  Shanghai (B)
Free day for you own pleasure!

Day 25  Shanghai/Home by air (B)
Transfer to airport, International flight back home.

B:Breakfast  L:Lunch  D:Dinner

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